Ready, Set, Go! The MAXREP Closed Beta Test is Now Live

2 min readSep 12, 2022

Read on for all the things you need to know about the Max Rep Closed Beta Test

Testing the waters

After careful development, 8CHAIN is excited to announce that the MaxRep Closed Beta Test is officially open for testing and for its first few stages, exclusive access will be given to selected members of the community, partners and internal team 👥

But fear not, we will also be slowly opening its doors to early adopters, NFT holders, and other members of the 8CHAIN community in the next few weeks so don’t lose hope just yet!

8CHAIN is thrilled to have come this far with the help of our developers and technical team who devoted all their energy into ensuring this Closed Beta Test runs smoothly and without a hitch.

For more in depth details of our upcoming launches, tune into our official FB page and Discord channel! 📢

Many many thanks to all our Chainmakers who waited patiently for the culmination of the Max Rep Closed Beta Test, 8CHAIN wouldn’t be here today without you 🙏.

Future plans

Another thing fellow Chainmakers can look forward to is the MaxRep Open Beta & Public App that will launch on the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2022! We’ve got plans and they’re nothing short of big 👀.

Our Mystery Boxes are also still available so if you haven’t gotten yours, head on over to the website to avail!

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