Project & Community Update — 8CHAIN AMA Recap

10 min readAug 7, 2022

As part of 8CHAIN’s commitment to sustain & update the community, its CEO (Coach G) & COO (KAM) held a live AMA session with 8CHAIN’s discord ( community last night.

Screenshot from the live AMA event last August 6, 2022

Summary of Topics & Questions from the AMA:

  1. Community Update (How are we in terms of community growth?)
  2. Do you have anti-bot system for MaxRep mobile app?
  3. Does 8CHAIN consider the safety of their community by getting Certik Audit to protect the users?
  4. Do you have an update regarding MaxRep’s beta test? Any specific date of launch?
  5. When we can download max rep app?
  6. When would you launch the token ($8CHAIN)?
  7. When would you launch the MaxRep NFT marketplace?
  8. When is the unboxing of MaxRep mystery box?
  9. Does MaxRep app works even with the minimum data on my phone?Does it require a certain mbps speed (internet connectivity)?
  10. On the initial launch of the app, can people use smart watch or any gps watch?
  11. When would you launch the Scholarship System in MaxRep?
  12. Sneak peak on the next MaxRep Partner Athlete
  13. Putting floor price & ceiling price limit to MaxRep NFTs
  14. Activate-to-Earn Campaign

8CHAIN’s responses to the topics & questions:

Note: some of the text may have been edited for clarity and grammar.

1.) Community Update (How are we in terms of community growth?)

“As of August 2022, we are proud to share with everyone that we now have 11,500+ followers on Meta (Facebook), 6,400+ followers on Twitter, 4,700+ members on Discord, & 650+ members on Telegram. The marketing & community team are doing our best to grow an organic community by avoiding bot members/supporters. We believe that 1,000 organic community is better than 10,000 bot community. We strive to invite real engaging people in our community but of course there are times that bots are uncontrollable to enter our community. With the help of our Community Managers & Moderators, we are making sure that the community is safe and is well-reminded of possible scams or phishing links from these bots.” — KAM (COO)

2. ) Do you have anti-bot system for MaxRep mobile app?

“Actually, the mobile application itself (MaxRep) is structured to be protected from bot system. In order for a user to earn from the app, they must need to complete 2 mission — step goal & distance goal per day. In this way, people wouldn’t be able to get rewards ($8CHAIN token) with just finishing the distance goal (ex. user riding a car for 5–10km to just finish the goal). MaxRep mobile team have developed an algorithm wherein steps counter are linked to distance counter. Steps are being counted if you really are walking or running. It is designed to work like that. But we can discount the fact that other users might think of another way to exploit the system and that’s why we are really working on the back end to ensure that the whole functionality of the app is free from bot systems.” — KAM (COO)

3.) Does 8CHAIN consider the safety of their community by getting Certik Audit to protect the users?

“Definitely, our team have laid out gameplans to get a Certik Audit & other Tech Audit once all of the backlogs in 8CHAIN’s blockchain technology are complete. We are also discussing potential collaboration with to solve this matter. Powerfan also offers — Anti-Whale, Anti-bot trading, and Anti-dumping built in to keep a safe environment for token buyers.” — Coach G (CEO)

4.) Do you have an update regarding MaxRep’s beta test? Any specific date of launch?

“The core team is doing an internal testing of the mobile app to ensure and lessen bugs & errors. We have been testing the functionality of the app daily and we are consistent in looking & fixing possible bugs & errors that the community might experience. But of course, we can’t 100% see all these flaws until more and more people are testing it, that’s why we’re set to introduce the closed-beta testing of the app this month (August 2022) to a limited group of people (partners & NFT holders) so that we’ll have more people working together and providing feedback to the usability of the mobile app. After the closed beta, we aim to launch the open-beta next month (September 2022) for the entire 8CHAIN community. However, during the closed & open beta, users can’t still earn $8CHAIN token but they get to experience MaxRep’s mobile app first hand.” — KAM (COO)

“The reason for this processes is that we want to give the people the best experience possible before we launch it to the public. As what I’ve been reminding everyone, we only got one chance to make a good impression. So we really have to set these targets & launches accordingly.” — Coach G (CEO)

5.) When we can download MaxRep app?

“After the closed & open beta testing, provided that we have successfully eliminated major bugs & errors, we aim to launch the app this coming October 2022. We believe that this target is really close to reality as our app is almost ready for mass testing.” — Coach G (CEO)

6.) When would you launch the token ($8CHAIN)?

“To align with the aforementioned launches of our Beta Mobile App phases, our token will be launched alongside with the Public Launch of the Mobile App so that users can already earn from the Mobile App. $8CHAIN token will be native token & utility token for MaxRep. We believe that this is the right way to balance the economy and to provide simplicity to the community. Moreover, $8CHAIN token will be utilized not just in MaxRep (first chain) but to the rest of 8CHAIN’s projects (chains). In that way, people will have more reasons to hold the token and for the entire ecosystem and have a well-sustained economical structure. We have been observing other blockchain projects for the past several months and one of the major causes of token value fluctuation is the utility token due to its unlimited supply. We are considering 8CHAIN as country with 1 currency circulating within it.” — KAM (COO)

7.) When would you launch MaxRep NFT Marketplace?

“We aim to launch MaxRep NFT marketplace before the public launch (October 2022) of the mobile app to give users the chance to buy and or exchange NFTs.” — KAM (COO)

Moreover, we are considering not to call it a “Marketplace” but instead call it a “Locker Room” to align with our NFT (type & function). The idea came from the concept of athletes having a locker room whenever they go to practice or an actual game. As we all know, MaxRep is all about the sports, fitness, & health industry and we think renaming it to “Locker Room” is aligned to MaxRep’s vision.” — Coach G (CEO)

8.) When is the unboxing of MaxRep mystery box?

“We want to have a special launch date for this unboxing before the launch of our NFT marketplace (locker room). The target is around September to October 2022. These are just mere targets of the team but we purposely didn’t include any specific date yet to make sure that we don’t give the community false promises. In the world of technology building, it’s a normal thing to have delays in timeline to protect the users from unworkable platform. Thank you for your patience and understanding to our tech team. But we are doing our best to meet the timeline given.” — KAM (COO)

9.) Does MaxRep app works even with the minimum data on my phone?Does it require a certain mbps speed (internet connectivity)?

Our mobile developers have integrated an offline system for MaxRep mobile app so that users can do their physical activities even without the internet connection (WiFi & Mobile Data). The mobile app is powered by an algorithm wherein users can start their workout while still connected to an internet connection and can disconnect once they start their physical activities outside or beyond their internet connectivity. Then once they are back to their internet connectivity range, the offline data gathered by the app will be automatically uploaded to the “cloud” and will be counted to their daily workout goal.” — Coach G (CEO)

10.) On the initial launch of the app, can people use smart watch or any GPS watch?

The algorithm for the smart watches or GPS watches are different from the mobile phones. We understand that it will be difficult for users to carry their mobile phones whenever they workout and that’s why our team is now working on it to cater for the users of these devices. We will try our best to inject this functionality on the initial launch of the app. But remember, we want to do things “one step at a time.” — Coach G (CEO)

11.) When would you launch the Scholarship System in MaxRep?

The scholarship system — Coach & Trainee, Gym & Members, & MaxRep & Athletes will be reserved for another grand launching. In this way, the community will have something to look forward to. In addition, it is part of our strategy not to launch everything in one date. We also want to observe how the initial launching is doing and solve its possible problems before we take any step forward. Lastly, we will gradually let users utilize the app to workout and earn so that we can see the economical effect in $8CHAIN’s token value — we’ll be able to sustain a healthy & competitive value of our token for the long run and not just for a few months unlike other blockchain projects.” — KAM (COO)

12.) Sneak peak on the next MaxRep Partner Athlete

We recently added four 3 men (male) MaxRep Partner Athletes to our roster — namely Renren Ritualo (PBA legend), Kib Montalbo (PBA player, & Jeff Chan (PBA Champion). And still in talks with more athletes that can be part of MaxRep Workout-and-Earn revolution. But we also want to focus in signing women (female) athletes too to showcase and empower women’s capacity to also workout-and-earn. We all know that this industry (Crypto & Fitness) is dominated by men (male) and we are for the vision to change this mentality and include women & other genders too. Last month, we took a huge step supporting this movement by signing Filipinas NFT — a collective of women emerged to empower and encourage Filipina artists to enter and flourish in the non-fungible token (NFT) space. We believe that partnering with Filipinas NFT is our first step to have an inclusive ecosystem — aligned with our vision #NoOneLeftBehind — KAM (COO)

13.) Putting floor price & ceiling price limit to MaxRep NFTs

Our team have been studying this new way of buying & selling NFTs — floor price & ceiling price. We believe that this new system will balance the price fluctuation of NFTs in the marketplace. Moreover, it will protect users from having a devalued NFT overtime once more NFTs are injected to the marketplace. But users will still have the decision to sell their NFTs at a value they feel justifiable based on the NFT’s rarity & token reward capacity — between the floor price & ceiling price.

Example: Level 1 NFT will set the floor price at 100USDT, no one can sell below 100USDT while Level 8 NFT will have a ceiling price at 8888 USDT and no can sell beyond 8888 USDT. Users can sell in between these sample price range and can still set the market value based on the demand and usability of these NFTs. *These are just SAMPLE PRICES and not the final prices on the marketplace.


“Also to add to that, this system is a great way for the entire #MovetoEarn & #WorkoutandEarn industry to welcome everyone in the space and not drive people from on-boarding this great opportunity. This is one of the problem we are trying to solve for MaxRep. We’ve seen other MovetoEarn projects having a very expensive NFT that hinders people to join the ecosystem. With MaxRep, we want to be the first to revolutionized the way we buy & sell NFTs buy making sure NFTs are not sold at a very low or high price so that everyone will be capable to Workout and Earn. But then again, nothing is final yet but we are keen to inject this system to MaxRep marketplace.” — Coach G (CEO)

14. ) Activate-to-Earn Campaign

“We would like to remind everyone to take advantage of our Activate-to-Earn campaign while waiting for the upcoming launches. This will be a great way for you to earn from your MaxRep Mystery Boxes and also grow the whole #MovetoEarn & #WorkoutAndEarn community.” — KAM (COO)

“Moreover, by maximizing this campaign, you’ll have a new way of utilizing your NFTs. Imagine having to earn from your NFTs without actually selling it. This is the first that a system like this was introduced to the whole NFT market. So I hope you guys would take advantage of it while it lasts.” — Coach G (CEO)

The AMA session ended with an overwhelming support and gratitude from the community.

Coach G (CEO) & KAM (COO) concluded the event — thanking the entire community for their support. 8CHAIN team also expressed their gratitude for the community’s trust.

8CHAIN will aim to conduct regular AMA sessions with the community to assure everyone of the project’s mission and vision to #TransformLivesOneChainAtATime

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