One Chain at a Time — What 8CHAIN is Set Out To Do

2 min readAug 11, 2022


We’re here to tell you our whys and hows, and everything else in between 😉

🔗 How did 8CHAIN start? 🔗

“Over a year ago, when everybody was locked down during the pandemic, myself and all the other co-founders of 8CHAIN, we were just having a meeting of the minds and we were thinking of what we can do, once we come close to this pandemic, that can encourage people to go outside again? During that time everyone was doing Play-to- Earn games but the problem was people were starting to lose interest whenever the value of the utility tokens dropped. So we wanted to be able to eliminate that devaluation through 8CHAIN’s governance token that can be used through all our 8 projects.” — Coach G, 8CHAIN CEO

🔗 What’s 8CHAIN doing? 🔗

“We wanted to encourage people to go outside again, to start having an active lifestyle. Hence the reason we said we’re going to target the workout industry. We’re going to encourage people to want to be able to walk, run, and ride the bicycle. We also want to target the other areas of fitness because it gives you more diversity and more options on how you want to workout.” — Coach G, 8CHAIN CEO

“Health is wealth and we’re trying to bridge that to people. ” 🚀

What are you waiting for? Come and see what the 8CHAIN Metaverse can do for you and how you live your life!

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8CHAIN Metaverse is an 8-in-1 token project in Web 3.0, building ONE CHAIN at a time.