On to greater things: Patty Tiu joining hands with the Web3 community 🤝

2 min readJan 29, 2023

From her previous title as a “Dj”, Patty Tiu is taking on a new and exciting role as one of 8CHAIN’s newest ambassadors 👀

Known to be the one who sets the mood at any party, Patty Tiu is coming out of her shell to explore the endless possibilities of Web3! 💫

In full swing 🔥

Coming from an electric background since 2011, Patty recently announced her retirement as one of the hippest DJs in town to pursue more life changing goals and in hopes of finding a bigger purpose. As someone who has been battling esophageal cancer for almost a decade, Patty’s motivation and drive to make the most out of her every move comes as no surprise.

Which is why we are all the more we’re excited to announce her as one of MaxRep’s newest ambassadors! Like all wise investors, Patty has chosen to immerse herself into the vast Web3 universe, specifically with 8CHAIN. 🚀

With 8CHAIN as her partner, she’s able to set the tone and pace of her life according to her own wants and needs — all while discovering new things that can enrich her lifestyle in the best ways possible.

Patty believes in the vision of the 8CHAIN community that you can apply yourself to any endeavor you set your mind into. You can expect to see her sweating it out with all the other folks in the Web3 community and witness her solidify her stance as one of the advocates of fitness and workout-to-earn!

Ready to conquer an entire new world outside the stage, Patty is coming towards the world of crypto in full speed. ⚡️

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