In The Making: How To Avail 8CHAIN Tokens & MaxRep NFTs

2 min readAug 2, 2022

Good things come to those who wait and with MaxRep, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

How does our NFTs and Tokens work❓

“The way that MaxRep is gonna work you’re going to have to have one of the MaxRep NFTs in order to use MaxRep. The great thing about that is, we really created something that nobody else is doing. We’re actually creating a bundle set NFT where you get to choose the shorts and the shirt…We’re giving people items that they would really utilize if they were going to the gym — to work out.” — 8CHAIN CEO, Coach G

Keep your eyes peeled for any developments in the 8CHAIN space because BIG things are coming! 🚀

MaxRep Mystery Box minting now on going at

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About 8CHAIN

8CHAIN is an evolving and future-proof token that aims to create an integrated ecosystem within the crypto space. It’s set to launch 8 integrated projects over the course of 8 years — each created to transform your life in their own unique ways.




8CHAIN Metaverse is an 8-in-1 token project in Web 3.0, building ONE CHAIN at a time.