Here’s Everything You Missed on GladiatorDex’s Live AMA

Learn everything there is to know about the new and upcoming P2E game in the market — GladiatorDex!

  1. What is the difference between Gladiator Dex and other Play-to-Earn games?
  2. Will there be a free to play version of the game?
  3. Have you achieved your roadmap of goals and if yes, what are your future steps?
  4. What are the most important goals of GladiatorDex in 2022?
  5. Has GladiatorDex been cleared via audit?
  6. Can you elaborate more on the economic setting of the game?
  7. Will GladiatorDex hold guild to guild tournaments in the future? If so, what would be the possible gameplay for it?
  8. What are your plans to make the community strong and united to keep tokens mostly stable?
  9. Any plans on launching scholarship or renting systems?
  10. What are the countermeasures made by the team to prevent people from exploiting the game?
  11. Where can we buy GladiatorDex?
  1. What’s the difference between GladiatorDex and other Play-to-Earn games?

“We’re not just a cash-grab game. We want to prove to everyone that our P2E is here to stay.” — GladiatorDex, Eliezer Rabadon

5. Has GladiatorDex been cleared via audit?

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P2E isn’t dead and let GladiatorDex show you what local NFTs can offer!

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