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Activation Code Campaign with MAXREP

Time to step it up with MAXREP! 🚀

How does it work?

  • You will be receiving a personal Activation Code that you can share to anyone and in any community. For every successful user that uses your code to get a MAXREP mystery box, you will be rewarded with FIAT and the activated user will also get a corresponding discount based on the used activation code.
  • Each individual is granted three (3) types of codes that possess different rewards and discounts.

What are the 3 codes?

⚙️ Code 1 ⚙️

  • Activator gets 15% reward
  • New holder gets 5% discount

⚙️ Code 2 ⚙️

  • Activator gets 10% reward
  • New holder gets 10% discount

⚙️ Code 3 ⚙️

  • Activator gets 5% reward
  • New holder gets 15% discount

FYI, this is an EXCLUSIVE campaign to all:

  • Partner Content Creators
  • Shill Armies
  • Current MaxRep NFT Box Holder
  • Future MaxRep NFT Box Holder

How to Activate-and-Earn for Desktop/Laptop?

How to Activate-and-Earn for Mobile?

*Click here to know more about Activate-to-Earn

In special partnership with AXS Holdings Corporation, Tetrix, San Lazarus Guild, SKY GUILD, Coin Vault PH, Max Out Cycling and Physiotheraphy Services, EFUN, Filipinas NFT, StayFit Cebu, and CF Adventures

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