A2E as the new NFT utility — 8CHAIN AMA Recap

4 min readAug 23, 2022

Most people often deem NFT (non-fungible token) as a digital collection of arts and assets while others would say it’s all about exclusive access & perks but what we don’t realize is that NFTs have other utilities too that both Real World and Metaverse can benefit from.

Introducing, Activate-to-Earn, a new way of utilizing your NFTs by earning from them (NFTs) without having to flip or sell it (NFTs).

8CHAIN’s COO (KAM) held a live session at (https://discord.io/8CHAIN) community last August 20, 2022 and talked about the following topics about A2E;

Screenshot from the live AMA event last August 20, 2022

Summary of Topics & Questions from the AMA:

  1. What is Activate-to-Earn?
  2. Who can Activate-to-Earn?
  3. How to Activate-to-Earn? (Desktop)
  4. How to Activate-to-Earn? (Mobile)
  5. How much can you earn from Activate-to-Earn?

8CHAIN’s responses to the topics & questions:

Note: some of the text may have been edited for clarity and grammar.

1.) What is Activate-to-Earn?

You will be receiving a personal Activation Code that you can share to anyone and in any community. For every successful user that uses your code to get a MAXREP mystery box, you will be rewarded with FIAT and the activated user will also get a corresponding discount based on the used activation code.

Each individual is granted three (3) types of codes that possess different rewards and discounts.

Code 1: Activator gets 15% reward, New holder gets 5% discount

Code 2: Activator gets 10% reward, New holder gets 10% discount

Code 3: Activator gets 5% reward, New holder gets 15% discount


KAM05 –15% reward, 5% discount

KAM10 - 10% reward, 10% discount

KAM15 –5% reward, 15% discount

Price of one (1) MaxRep Mystery Box Bundle: 100 USDT

So if we’re going to compute it and get the actual amount (FIAT-USDT) of both the rewards & discounts, it’ll go like this; 15% of 100 USDT is 15USDT, 10% of 100 USDT is 10USDT, 5% of 100 USDT is 5USDT.

Imagine if you’re able to activate or refer 10 people using your Code 1 (KAM05), you will get 15 USDT reward each multiplied by the number of total referred user (10), for a total of 150 USDT worth of rewards.

Follow up question: When are we going to get the rewards and discounts?

The discounts are automatically deducted from the purchase value once you entered the corresponding code in our website (maxrep.8chain.io) while the rewards will be manually transferred to the referrer’s wallet address after 1–2 weeks.

2.) Who can Activate-to-Earn?

This campaign is EXCLUSIVE only to the following:

1. Partner Content Creators/Influencers

2. Shill Armies

3. Current MaxRep NFT Box holder

4. Future MaxRep NFT Box holder

Primarily, it will be an exclusive perks to all MaxRep Mystery Box holder so that they can earn from their NFTs without even selling it. Also, it’s open to 8CHAIN’s partner content creators, influencers, and shill armies who are willing to help in community growth.

These people will get a personal ACTIVATION CODE that they can share to their community however they want and get rewarded with FIAT for every successful user that will acquire MAXREP mystery box using their CODE. The activated user will get a corresponding discount based on the activation code used and will also get a personal ACTIVATION CODE of their own.

3.) How to Activate-to-Earn? (Desktop)

Learn more about the detailed process on how you can ACTIVATE-TO-EARN by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/3caZyOL

4.) How to Activate-to-Earn? (Mobile)

Learn more about the detailed process on how you can ACTIVATE-TO-EARN by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/3R3HDrT

5.) How much can you earn from Activate-to-Earn?

The mystery boxes will only be limited to 2,000 bundles which means one (1) user can activate as much as 2,000 people. Let’s say for example you activated 2,000 user using your Code #1 (15% reward, 5% discount), you will get 15 USDT per user which means you will get a total of 30,000 USDT worth of rewards (15 USDT x 2,000 activated user). But remember, you just activated a user, your MaxRep Mystery Box is still on your wallet as a digital asset.

Disclaimer: Computation may vary as people may user your other codes or as people may user other people’s code

Visit 8CHAIN’s MaxRep website at www.MAXREP.8CHAIN.IO to start your ACTIVATE-TO-EARN journey!

KAM (COO) concluded the event — thanking the entire community for their support in changing the way people utilize NFT and by helping 8CHAIN grow their community.

8CHAIN will aim to conduct regular AMA sessions with the community to assure everyone of the project’s mission and vision to #TransformLivesOneChainAtATime

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