8CHAIN CRO, TitoVlogs Talks Trading at Bybit Philippines

Bybit Philippines is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges that houses more than 3 million registered users.

2 min readJul 28, 2022

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Invited as a guest speaker, 8CHAIN CRO and Co-founder, TitoVlogs spoke at the Bybit Philippines Meetup Manila 2022 and shared everything one needs to know about Derivatives Trading Tips & Strategies & other Trading Techniques.

Coach G, 8CHAIN’s CEO also shared the 8CHAIN Vision and Mission to the audience and how it’s here to transform the old ways of finance.

Aside from trading, Bybit also elaborated on the current state of the crypto market courtesy of Tristan Gabriel of Gabbal’s Cryptocurrency Signal, the Bybit Affliate Program by Ravy Villafranca and NFT 101 by Luis Buenaventura II. 💯

Big thanks to the entire Bybit Philippines team for making this event happen!

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